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  • Palestra “Intercâmbio e Pesquisa na Polytechnique Montréal”

Schizophrenia may be related to vascular changes in the brain. This is what a study supported by #FAPESP and monitored by drivers from the University of Campinas, D'Or Institute
and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Agência FAPESP @AgenciaFAPESP

#Esquizofrenia pode ter relação com alterações vasculares no cérebro. É o que sugere um estudo apoiado pela #FAPESP e conduzido por cientistas da @unicampoficial, do @Institutodor e da @ufrj. Detalhes sobre a pesquisa no episódio desta semana do programa #CiênciaSP.

The Université Sorbonne Nouvelle is organising it's Open Day on Saturday 11 February 2023.
In order to allow your students to participate remotely, a website has been created which lists our Bachelor and Master courses:

The paper was led by an international team of 35 scientists and researchers, from institutions such as @Unicamp_Global , @UniofOxford, @uniofeastanglia the Amazon Environmental Research Institute, @inpe_mct, and Lancaster University. Read more here:

Number of science- and technology-based startups in São Paulo state increases


Grupo de Estudos

Grupo de estudos Brasil-China


Instituto Confúcio

Venha aprender chinês na Unicamp!


Instituto King Sejong

Estude Coreano na UNICAMP – (19) 3521-0050