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Educorp IBRACHINA course

The School of Corporate Education – Educorp announced today, 01/04/2024, the opening of registrations for the course International Business Negotiation (IBN), to be offered in partnership with the Instituto Sociocultural Brasil China – IBRACHINA.

The announcement of the course had been made during the visit of the Zhejiang University delegation to Unicamp, on 28/02, by Dr. Thomas Law, president of Ibrachina. On the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Sophie Zhu presented the syllabus and highlighted the importance of this course for international business relations. 

Therefore, as a result of the visit by members of Zhejiang University and IBRACHINA, registration for the course is now open until 20/04/2024.Professionals involved in international negotiations, startup leaders, PAEPE career professionals, Unicamp professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students and postdoctoral students are the target audience for this course.

The instruction will be led by Prof. Dr. Xiaoshu Zhu, and the entire course will be taught in English.

For more information and registration, visit the website educorp.

To read about Zhejiang University's visit to Unicamp, access the news previously published in this link.

International Business Negotiation (IBN)
Prof. Dr. Xiaoshu ZHU – instructor of the International Business Negotiation (IBN) course 
entourage members
Members of the delegation from Zhejiang University, accompanied by Ibrachina and the Center for Research, Development and Innovation (CPDI) during the visit to Unicamp on 28/02, with the participation of representatives from Unicamp Prof. Dr. Alfredo Cesar Melo, Mayara Morais, Prof. Dr. Renato Lopes, Prof. Dr. Mariano Laplane, Dr. Eduardo Gurgel and Prof. Dr. Li Li Min.
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