Before the start of classes, Deri organizes together with UniIn students a Reception week for new exchange students. Welcoming activities and support to the mandatory procedures are carried out for all students who register in advance. Among the activities offered are:

Service Sessions – DERI, Dac and UniIn members assist in filling out the forms and checking of the documents to be delivered to the Federal Police at the time of registration of the Visa, mandatory procedure for regularizing the situation of foreigners in the country. Questions are also asked about academic procedures, such as enrollment in subjects, use of services offered by Unicamp (restaurants, libraries), among
other subjects demanded by students.

Portuguese Interview – DERI, Dac and UniIn members help with the organization of students to carry out the leveling interviews in Portuguese, offered by CEL. The interviews take place on the same days and times they are offered at the Service Sessions, so that the volunteer participants (DERI, Dac and UniIn) can assist foreign students in the application process às special students.

Welcome meeting – It is an event organized by DERI in partnership with UniIn, which intends to introduce new students to the main services of the University, as Cecom, DAC, SAE, BC, CEL, UniIn. The welcome meeting is a great way to meet other international students and to learn about practical and social aspects of life in Brazil. In this event we always have a cultural presentation related to Brazilian culture, so it is worth participating.

Other activities that can be offered, according to availability, are the Tour through the city of Campinas and the visit to the stadiums of Ponte Preta and Guarani, the city’s soccer teams.

Further information will be sent to you by email.

If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding your welcome meeting please email

O que? Sessões de Orientações  

Quando? Dias 16, 17 e 18 de Agosto 

Onde? International Office / DERI (endereço aqui)

Como participar? Agendando uma data e horário livres neste link


O que? Palestra de Recepção

Quando? Dia 19 de Agosto, a partir das 13:30

Onde? Auditório da DGA (endereço aqui

Como participar? Confirmando presença até dia 12 de Agosto neste link. 


What? Orientation Sessions  

When? August 16th, 17th  and 18th 

Where? International Office / DERI (address here)

How to participate?  Accessing this link and choosing a free slot. 


What? Reception Meeting

When? August 19th, from 1:30 pm

Where? DGA Auditorium (address here)

How to participate? Confirming your presence until August 12th at this link


São atendimentos individuais que realizaremos para tirar dúvidas sobre os seguintes assuntos: 

  • Email institucional e sistemas da UNICAMP; 
  • Matrícula em classes; 
  • Comprovante de vacinação contra Covid-19; 
  • Documentos para regularização do visto junto à Polícia Federal; 
  • Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas – (CPF).

Os atendimentos acontecerão nos dias 16, 17 e 18 de Agosto no International Office / DERI (endereço aqui) e para participar, você deve agendar uma data e horário livre neste link

IMPORTANTE: Para participar nas sessões de orientação, traga com você seu passaporte e suas dúvidas anotadas.



These are individual meetings that we will carry out to answer questions about the following subjects: 

  • Institutional email and UNICAMP systems;
  • Register in classes;
  • Covid vaccine certificate;
  • Documents for visa registration with the Federal Police;
  • “Cadastro de Pessoa Física” – CPF. 

The sessions will take place on August 16th, 17th  and 18th at DERI (address here) and to schedule an appointment, just access this link and choose a free slot. 

IMPORTANT: To participate in the orientation sessions you will need your passport. Also, bring any questions that you have written down – this will speed up the process and ease any language issues.


É um evento em que você terá a oportunidade de conhecer órgãos importantes da UNICAMP com os quais você poderá ter contato durante o período de intercâmbio, além de assistir uma atração cultural tipicamente brasileira. 

A Palestra de Recepção acontecerá no dia 19 de Agosto, a partir das 13:30, no Auditório da DGA (endereço aqui). Para participar, confirme sua presença até dia 12 de Agosto neste link.



It’s an event where you will have the opportunity to get to know important UNICAMP departments and services that you may have contact with during the exchange period, in addition to watching a typical Brazilian cultural attraction.

The Reception Meeting will take place on August 19th, beginning at 1:30 pm, in the DGA Auditorium (address here). To participate, confirm your presence until August 12th using this link.