Pre-Arrival Information Guide

Dear exchange students, welcome to the University of Campinas – Unicamp! Here you will find important information regarding your arrival at Unicamp.


This calendar is for all Unicamp courses and all incoming exchange students. Save the dates!

2nd Semester of 2022 – (August– December)

August 15th Classes begin
December 14th Classes end
From 15th to 21th of December Final Exams

Important dates for exchange students:

August 12th* Welcome meeting
Date and venue to be confirmed
Week of August 12th Unicamp International guidance sessions.
Time: troughout the day
Venue: Unicamp’s Campus I Basic cycle II, room SI03 – map here
August 15th and 16th Language Placement Interview – Portuguese for Foreigners – Via Google meet, but must be booked in advance. 
For further information, access CEL’s website or
August 22nd and 23th  Enrollment at DAC system
Check Unicamp’s Academic office website – here Mandatory – confirm online the subjects requested & add new subjects


A Student or Mercosur Visa is required to enroll at Unicamp, and can be obtained from the consular division of the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in the student’s country of origin. A visa must be requested early enough to allow time for bureaucratic procedures, which can be quite lengthy.

Although it is possible to change visa status while in Brazil, this is not recommended, since this procedure is very time consuming. We strongly advise you to enter Brazil with a Student or Mercosur Visa.

Once you get to Brazil, you will need to register with the Federal Police (PF). click here

For further information regarding visas, please write to .

Attention: Students who have dual nationality, one of which is Brazilian, do not need a visa to enter Brazil and enroll at Unicamp, but must present a Brazilian passport or other document that proves Brazilian nationality.


Unicamp has Campuses in three cities: Campinas (main Campus), Limeira (FCA and FT) and Piracicaba (School of Dentistry – FOP).

Pay close attention to where your classes are located! Each Campus has a specific set of undergraduate programs offered.Where you will study and live is likely to be closely related to what your undergraduate program is.

  • Undergraduate programs offered at FCA : here
  • Undergraduate programs offered at FT : here
  • Dentistry Program offered at FOP: here
  • Other programs offered in Campinas: here


From the Airports to Campinas:

  • Cumbica Airport (GRU) – Guarulhos SP
  • Congonhas Airport (CGH) – São Paulo SP
  • Viracopos Airport (VCP) – Campinas SP

From any of these three airports, you should take the bus LIRABUS, which will bring you to the Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas , located downtown Campinas. From there, you must take the appropriate transportation to your campus.

Campinas Campus (main Campus)

From Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas to Terminal Barão Geraldo and Unicamp (Campinas)

You can either take a taxi, UBER or carshare service (around R$ 80,00) or the 3.32 bus (Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas – Hospital de Clínicas, which is inside Unicamp). You may also take the 3.31 bus (Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas – Terminal Barão Geraldo) to Terminal Barão Geraldo and then get the 3.37 bus, which runs between Terminal Barão Geraldo and Unicamp. Itinerary & schedules are available here

Limeira Campuses

From the Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas, you should take the bus VB TRANSPORTES, which will bring you to Limeira.

You will get off at Terminal Rodoviário de Limeira, located downtown Limeira.

From Terminal Rodoviário de Limeira to FCA

You may take a taxi directly to FCA or take the 03, 13 or 102 bus and get off at the Primeiro de Maio Square ( Praça Primeiro de Maio ), located in front of FCA.

From Terminal Rodoviário de Limeira to FT

You may take a taxi directly to FT or take the 03, 13 or 102 bus and get off at the Primeiro de Maio Square

Piracicaba Campus (FOP)

From the Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas, you should take a bus from Viação Piracicabana or Cometa (schedules here ), which will bring you to Piracicaba. From there, you may take a taxi directly to FOP, located in front of the City Shopping Center (Shopping Piracicaba).


Your enrollment process will be finished ONLY after you request your classes online on August 16th and 17thand after you submit online your visa information. However, if you need assistance upon your arrival or if you need any information, write to described below:

If you are taking classes in Campinas, you should write to DERI’s Office

If you are taking classes in Limeira at Faculdade de Ciências Aplicadas (FCA), you should go directly to their campus (map here ), where you should look for the Diretoria de Ensino / Área Acadêmica.

If you are taking classes in Limeira at the School of Technology (FT), you should go directly to their campus (map here ), where you should look for the undergraduate office (Secretaria de Graduação).

If you are taking classes in Piracicaba at the School of Dentistry of Piracicaba (FOP), you should go directly to their campus (map here ), where you should look for the undergraduate office (Secretaria de Graduação).

If you have any medical / health issues you may go to UNICAMP’s community health center (CECOM) where you can be assisted in many medical specialties ranging from Ophthalmologist to an orthopedist. To know more check their website here.


In order to be admitted at Unicamp it is mandatory to legalize your entry and stay in Brazil by scheduling an appointment with the Federal Police (PF) within 90 days of your arrival in Brazil. After this registration, the student will receive a temporary foreign identity card.

You can find more information on how to register with the Federal Police on their website ( ) and here – and here .


Unicamp’s Language Teaching Center ( CEL – Centro de Ensino de Linguas ), in Campinas, will conduct placement interviews (see dates above) in order to allocate each student to the proper level of “Portuguese for foreigners” or “Portuguese for Spanish speakers” class. If you are arriving after this date, it will not be possible to take these classes.

Portuguese interview outcome doesn’t keep you from attending any classes.


Before the start of the semester you will have the opportunity to go to the classes you would like to attend during your exchange semester. During that period, you must choose the courses and the sessions that suit your needs, paying close attention to the hours and location of classes.

After choosing the classes, you will need to talk to the academic coordinators responsible for each course in order to get their authorization for the enrollment. In order to find out who is the academic advisor responsible for your classes, please check the first two letters of the class code (sigla) and look up the academic unit (Unidade de oferecimento) responsible for it here . DO NOT translate this page.

Please note that you will have to log in the system and request all the courses and the sessions (including those courses that were already authorized for you) on August 22nd and 23th.

Your admission will be completed only on August 25th, when an official enrollment certificate will be issued.


All foreign students must register with the federal police within 90 days of his/her arrival in Brazil. If you are able to register by yourself at the federal police website, the orientation is not mandatory. Information on how to do so is available here.