Getting to Unicamp (Campinas & Limeira)

From the airports to Campinas (Terminal Rodoviário):

Airport City
Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos / Cumbica (GRU) – site Guarulhos
Aeroporto de Congonhas (CGH) – site São Paulo
Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos (VCP) – site Campinas

From any of the three airports above, take a LIRABUS to downtown Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas (Campinas’ bus station):

Bus Schedules – Airports to Campinas

Get off only when you reach the Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas. The bus makes a quick stop at another location downtown (Largo do Pará Square) and many people get off there. Do not do that. Stay on the bus and get off at the bus station.

From Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas to Terminal Barão Geraldo and Unicamp (Campinas)

You can either take a taxi (around R$ 60,00), ubber, or city bus number 3.32 (Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas – Hospital das Clínicas, which is inside Unicamp). You may also take the city bus number 3.31 (Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas – Terminal Barão Geraldo) to Terminal Barão Geraldo and then get the city bus number 3.37 *, which runs between Terminal Barão Geraldo and Unicamp. The bus’ fees can be checked here and the itinerary & schedules are available here:

Bus Schedules – City of Campinas

*The Terminal Barão Geraldo is about 1km from Unicamp. The city bus number 3.37 is the most frequent, but there are many buses that make this itinerary. There is also no extra cost – as long as you do not leave the Terminal. You may also take a taxi, ubber or even walk to Unicamp.

From Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas to Terminal Rodoviário de Limeira e Unicamp (Limeira)

From the Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas you should take a VB TRANSPORTES bus. Schedules are available below:

Bus Schedules – Campinas to Limeira

From the Terminal Rodoviário de Limeira to the FCA and FT Campuses of Unicamp, take the city bus number 03, 13 or 102 and get off at the Primeiro de Maio Square.

Keep in mind that you can walk from FCA to FT and vice versa.

Bus Lines to other Brazilian cities

Buses to other Brazilian cities leave from Terminal Rodoviário de Campinas.

Terminal Municipal de Campinas – Information & Schedule

From Unicamp-Campinas to Unicamp-Limeira

After you register for classes, you will be able to take a free bus from Campinas to Limeira and vice versa. For further information and registration:

Unicamp Bus Lines – Limeira / Campinas

From Unicamp-Campinas to Unicamp-Piracicaba

Unfortunately, Piracicaba away from Campinas ( about 80km ) and thusly UNICAMP cannot provide transportation. One ought to check Campinas Bus station’s website for bus lines and fees.