Foreign Student Admission to Unicamp

There are certain special requirements and procedures for foreign students who wish to study at Unicamp. Please read the document below in order to find out when and how to apply to study at Unicamp.

 Application procedures for Foreign Students

If after reading the document above you do find out that you are an Exchange Student, please apply online by clicking on the button below:

 Student Application Online

If you are coming to Unicamp as a Double Degree Student, please send the following documents to  :

  • Application Form – Double Degree
  • Nomination letter from home university
  • Academic records, including current classes;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Copy of valid passport,
  • Recommendation letter (OPTIONAL);

Please keep in mind that students from partner universities can take up to 32 credits.

Application deadlines (2019):

For the first semester (February – July): NOVEMBER 12th

For the second semester (August – December): MAY 15th

If you have any questions, please write to 

If you are applying as a PEC-G or PEC-PG student, please checl the information available here.

Information  for partner Universities – Link