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Refuge Vacancies

Enrollment Request for Refugees

Individuals who have obtained Refugee status, duly recognized by Conare, “Comitê Nacional para os Refugiados”, aka National Committee for Refugees may request a place to study at Unicamp, provided they present all the documents required below:

“Solicitações Diversas” Form completed with justification of interest in the course and signed;
Letter with a brief life history as well as future expectations (can be written in a text editor such as Word, LibreOffice, Notepad, others);
Certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice/Conare - National Committee for Refugees - attesting to their refugee status. Certificates issued in the last 30 days before the application will be accepted (The Certificate of Recognition of Refugee status can be requested by the interested party at the email
CRNM (National Migration Registration Card) within the validity period according to Law 9,474/97 or LAW No. 13.445/2017 or publication in the Official Gazette;
Documentation proving completion of studies equivalent to High School, accompanied by an equivalence opinion issued by the State Department of Education (when it is not possible to present documents proving schooling, the refugee will be allowed to prove it by other means of proof in law - provisory instruction approved by the WG-Cátedra Sergio Vieira de Mello in a meeting chaired by the Dean on 04/24/2018 to be regulated by resolution)

Documents can be delivered in person at the DAC Service or send a message through Talk to DAC.

Attention: It will not be allowed to request a vacancy only with the refugee visa application protocol, and the applicant must wait until the conclusion of his application by Conare.


As decided at a meeting of the GT-Cátedra chaired by Profa. Dr. Rosana Baeninger and with the presence of the Magnificent Rector, Prof. Dr. Marcelo Knobel, on April 24, 2018, a vacancy request submitted by a refugee who has completed some level of education in Brazil will not be accepted. Therefore, requests from candidates who have attended High School, Undergraduate or Master's in Brazil will not be accepted.

After the request is accepted by the DAC, the documentation delivered will be analyzed by an Evaluation Committee established by the Dean’s Office and published in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo (DOESP). In case of approval (acceptance) of the application, DAC will contact the applicant to inform about the registration procedures.

We emphasize that there are no guaranteed vacancies for people with Refugee status. The granting of the place will depend on the analysis of the documentation delivered by the instituted Commission and the maximum number of students that each course allows.

For information about Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair, access the link:

Documents that are accepted to prove refugee status:

National Migration Registration Card – CRNM , former CIE – Foreign Identity Card, in accordance with the New Migration Law, Decree No. 9,199 of 20 November 2017.