International Office


Students from Higher Education Institutions from other countries that are affiliated with Unicamp can exchange at our University in the following ways:

Exchange student appointed by a partner foreign university: in this modality, students from a foreign Education Institution come to Brazil to take courses that Unicamp already offers to its regular students. The courses last for one academic semester (15 weeks).
The student can enroll as an exchange student, if enrolled in one of the Universities that participate in exchange agreements with Unicamp and indicated by the institution itself. For application guidelines for this modality, access Information Sheet

Exchange Student for Internship/Research: in this modality, the student from a foreign Education Institution comes to Brazil for an internship or part of their research together with professors from Unicamp. In this case, the student will be registered in a special discipline, called Special Topics for Exchange Students, which will have the same duration of their stay at Unicamp, it can be for a short period (days or weeks) or up to entire semesters. For application guidelines for this modality, access Exchange Student for Internship/Research.


Students from Institutions that do not have an agreement with Unicamp or that were not indicated by their Institution must register as Special Students