program 104 – Management of International Trade

Mário José Abdalla Saad
Associate Director
Peter Alexander Bleinroth Schulz
Program Coordinator
Carlos Raul Etulain
Associate Coordinator
João Paulo Borin
Members of the Undergraduate Commission
Undergraduate SecretaryCore Curriculum to the Course
Flávio Batista Ferreira
Address for correspondence:
Comissão de Graduação do Curso de Gestão de Comércio Internacional
Rua Pedro Zaccaria 1.300, Bairro Santa Luiza,
CEP 13484-350, Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil (0xx19) 3701-6653/3701-6654/3701-6655 Fax: (0xx19) 3452-5161
Part-time Evening Program
Program Graduates
Program graduates should have the analytical ability to understand the competitive strategies of companies and countries in the global market. They will have gained a theoretical training and practical knowledge that will enable them to work as managers in companies and organizations involved in international competition. They should be able to formulate strategies and projects based on private and public measures to strengthen Brazil’s presence, as well as the presence of companies in general, in international trade.
Program Completion
To graduate from this program students must obtain a total of 200 credits, corresponding to 3000 hours of supervised activities, which may be completed in 8 semesters, as shown in the unit’s suggested curriculum schedule, or up to a maximum of 12 semesters.
Management of International Trade -In progress.
Maximum number of credits each semester – 40.