program 18 – Linguistics

Antonio Alcir Bernárdez Pécora
Associate Director
Nina Virgínia de Araújo Leite
Program Coordinator
Maria Filomena Spatti Sândalo
Associate Coordinator
Angel Humberto Córbera Mori
Members of the Undergraduate Commission
Undergraduate Secretary
Kátia Aparecida Tegazzini
Address for correspondence:
Comissão de Graduação do Curso de Linguística
Caixa Postal 6045, CEP 13084-971, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Tel. (0xx19) 3521-1526 Fax: (0xx19) 3521-1962
Full-time Day Program
Program Graduates
This course seeks primarily to prepare researchers who can work in the field of language. Professionals in this field can become university lecturers, as linguistics is part of the curriculum of language degree programs in Brazil. If they intend to undertake research or to lecture in a university, linguistics graduates continue their studies in a graduate program. They can also produce and critically review educational books, grammar books and dictionaries; take part in literacy projects and the preparation of written forms of indigenous languages spoken in Brazil; evaluate language difficulties and orient therapy in partnership with physicians, speech therapists, psychologists and educational psychologists; and carry out instrumental studies in phonetics laboratories to gain an understanding of the structure and working of speech sounds.
Program Completion
To graduate from this program students must obtain a total of 172 credits, corresponding to 2580 hours of supervised activities, which may be completed in 8 semesters, as shown in the unit’s suggested curriculum schedule, or up to a maximum of 12 semesters.
Recognized by Federal Decree no. 077145 of February 12, 1976. Renewed by CEE/GP Directive no. 000164 of April 14, 2008.
Maximum number of credits each semester – 30.Core Curriculum to the Course