Working in diagnostic teams assessing and providing audiology and speech-language therapy for patients with speech, hearing or written or spoken language difficulties;  improving patterns of articulatory gestures; collaborating on audiology/speech-language issues related to other sciences; designing, directing or undertaking audiology/speech-language research promoted by public, private, independent or mixed entities; teaching the theory and practice of audiology/speech-language pathology; directing audiology/speech-language pathology services in public, private, independent and mixed establishments; supervising professional staff and students carrying out theoretical and practical audiology/speech-language pathology studies; acting in an advisory capacity for public, private, independent or mixed entities and institutions in the field of audiology/speech-language pathology; working on school guidance and planning teams, introducing preventive measures associated with audiology/speech-language pathology issues; giving opinions on audiology/speech-language pathology matters in the field of spoken and written language, speech; and hearing and carrying out other activities inherently related to their university training.