The Undergraduate Nursing Program is recognized as one of the best in Brazil. Its excellence is strongly reiterated in the last Report of the Agreement Commission (2004-2008). The tight integration of the students at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels, motivating them to continue their academic formation at Master and Doctorate levels, was another strength of our Program emphasized by the Agreement Commission.

The Undergraduate Program in Nursing is firmly committed to the development of knowledge and competences of our students to assure the clinical excellence, research and evidence based practices as well as the leadership and the necessary abilities to intervene in the social context. The professional quality of our Bachelors enables a potential contribution to the health’s quality of the Brazilian population. The exchange with professionals of other areas of knowledge and institutions of other countries, stimulated all over the teaching-learning process, guarantees the development of interdisciplinary and international visions of our students.

Table 1: Data from the Nursing Undergraduate Program of the School of Nursing. (FEnf – Unicamp)

Start Vacancies Enrolled Students
Curriculum – Hours Number of Faculty Faculty Academic Titles
1978 30 (1978-1999) 183 3630 (1978-2010)
4065 (since 2011)
29(in 2015)
09 AP*
19 PhD01 Full*
* AP: Associate Professor // Full: Full Professor