Computer engineers are professionals who are qualified to work in a wide range of activities in the field of computing, including onboard systems, personal computers and computer networks. Computer engineers have the training required to analyze, specify, design, implement, integrate, test and maintain hardware and software systems. They can develop products, applications and services for any area of information technology to meet the requirements of companies, financial groups, research and development centers, universities, teaching establishments and the public sector. The training for computer engineers combines knowledge from the fields of electrical engineering and computer science.
Option AA – Computer Systems:This option aims to prepare professionals to work on the design and development of integrated information systems, high-end computing, computer networks, basic software and applications.
Option AB – Industrial Systems and Processes:This option produces systems professionals who can deal with various processes found in engineering. They are able to design, build, configure and specify the use of systems that capture, transmit, process and act on information recorded in the form of different types of signals in the various branches of engineering.


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