This is a multidisciplinary program involving mechanics, electronics, information technology, computing, applied mathematical modeling, instrumentation, systems control, production control and planning and automation. Graduates work mainly on the interface between a company’s production system and management system, planning, designing and implementing process control systems and industrial production control systems, usually focusing on the automation of industrial methods and equipment. The broad training they receive allows them to work or specialize in any of these areas, including company management. The course curriculum is intended to produce professionals with a solid grounding across a broad spectrum of technical and scientific areas who can face challenges in very different areas of engineering; to enable them to extend their knowledge and specialize in any of these areas; and also to prepare them to work as university lecturers and researchers. With the technical, scientific and technological knowledge they acquire on the program, automation and control engineers will be able to keep abreast of the rapid technological developments currently taking place in all sectors of engineering.