Bachelor’s Degree in Composition – Conducting – Program graduates will be able to compose and interpret music; conduct choral and/or orchestral music; and study theoretical and historical aspects of music as well as its use in technological communication media. They will be able to undertake research and teaching in the fields of composition, conducting and instrumental music and work as university lecturers.

Bachelor’s Degree in Popular Music – Program graduates will be able to work as instrumentalists and arrangers in activities related to videos, soundtracks, production, research and recording. They will be qualified to evaluate both practical and theoretical aspects of musical activity, with a range of creative possibilities open to them in the field of popular music and will also be qualified to work as university lecturers.

Teaching Degree – The subjects covered in the program for the teaching degree in music qualify graduates to work in school and non-school educational institutions both as elementary and secondary school teachers and in other areas related to education. Part of this professional training consists of investigation into and reflection on political and cultural aspects of education.