Program Graduates 

Graduates from this program will have acquired an education that is centered on the study of audiovisual media and is concerned with their specific characteristics, convergences, interfaces and borders. This education covers the fields of language and technology, and looks at their effectiveness and uses as well as the way they operate in contemporary, historically constituted societies. The program seeks to develop knowing-how-to-do, knowing-how-to-think, knowing-how-to-act and knowing-how-to-be in the field of media culture and technology.

Graduates can work in specific fields in sound, photography, cinema, video, television, computer graphics and hypermedia in the production, performance, and management of audiovisual works, taking a decisive critical and analytical interest in audiovisual media. They can also embark on careers in the field of cultural production and critical reviewing. Another area they can work in is the interdisciplinary academic field of communication studies as lecturers or researchers.

Students first follow a common core irrespective of the area they choose to work in once they graduate. This covers the fundamental knowledge required to discuss audiovisual media. Students can then direct their training in these media to a specific area according to the subjects they study at UNICAMP and the activities they undertake in the supervised project.