Master’s (12 to 36 months) and Doctorate (24 to 60 months)

The graduate program in food science at the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Campinas, today undoubtedly serves as the reference for food science teaching and research in Brazil. Since it was set up in 1969, when it was the first master’s program in food science in Brazil (the doctoral program was introduced in 1975), the graduate program has made significant contributions to this field of science and technology in Brazil. It is the only program in food science in Brazil to have been awarded a score of seven (excellent) by CAPES three times in a row. The program has also been considered a center of excellence by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) since July 1970.

Major Area: Food Biochemistry
Lines of Research

  • 1. Functional foods and biologically active compounds
  • 2. Enzymes and microorganisms of industrial interest. Production of compounds using biotechnology

Major Area: Food Microbiology
Lines of Research

  • 1. Bioremediation and biodegradation
  • 2. Effect of thermal processes on microorganisms
  • 3. Microorganisms responsible for food poisoning

Major Area: Food Chemistry
Lines of Research

  • 1. Carotenoids, anthocyanins and vitamins
  • 2. Volatile compounds in foods
  • 3. Lipids and cholesterol: analysis, influencing factors and oxidation
  • 4. Food safety: chemical and toxicological aspects