Master’s (12 to 30 months) and Doctorate (24 to 60 months)

The program aims to stimulate projects that generate knowledge, technologies and products by combining the different lines of research in an integrated approach and involving other fields of knowledge both inside and outside the university.

Major Area: Architecture and Construction
Lines of Research

  • 1. Comfort in buildings and the city
  • 2. Built environment: management and technology
  • 3. Urban design: methodology and theory

Major Area: Structures
Lines of Research

  • 1. Analysis of the behavior of structures
  • 2. Analysis of the behavior of materials for structures
  • 3. Numerical methods in engineering problems
  • 4. Structural systems

Major Area: Geotechnics
Lines of Research

  • 1. Design and analysis of geotechnical structures
  • 2. Study of the behavior of geotechnical materials

Major Area: Water, Energy and Environmental Resources
Lines of Research

  • 1. Hydraulic engineering and special materials
  • 2. Hydrology and management of water resources
  • 3. Energy planning and electrical systems
  • 4. Regional planning, heritage and landscape

Major Area: Sanitation and Environment
Lines of Research

  • 1. Territorial management and environmental sustainability
  • 2. Environmental sanitation

Major Area: Transportation
Lines of Research

  • 1. Transport infrastructure and superstructures: design and development; construction and maintenance methods
  • 2. Planning, techniques and operations for transportation and logistics systems