The qualification of the Graduate Nursing Program is highlighted in the sequential evaluations by the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES), encompassing the 2004 – 2006 and 2007 – 2009 periods with grades 4 and 5, respectively. It is important to remark that this program is one out of eleven Brazilian Graduate Nursing Programs that obtained grade 5 in the CAPES 2010 – 2012 evaluation, which means a “very good” grade (at this time there were 66 Graduate Nursing Programs in Brazil).

The excellence level of the scientific production of the members of the School of Nursing enabled the attribution of extra-budget funds from research agencies and Foundations, as well as the attribution of the Scholarship of Research Productivity by the CNPq to a number of professors.



  • To prepare researchers and professors aiming excellence of practices, researches, teaching, management and extension of services to the community;
  • To contribute to production of theoretical and methodological knowledge, in order to enable analysis and promotion of health for the Brazilian citizens;
  • To improve the teaching practice and to stimulate researches in order to propose and evaluate the development of new technologies for undergraduate teaching level.


Graduate professionals with formation in health domains.


Knowledge Area for the Master and Doctoral Courses:

Nursing and Work

Research Lines

  • Process of Caring in Health and Nursing
  • Work, Health and Education
  • Information/Communication in Health and Nursing
  • Management of Health and Nursing Services




Proficiency in English language; 30 credits in courses; approval in the “Qualification Examination”; public presentation of Master’s Thesis; submission of an article in indexed journal with selective editorial policy. Maximum length: 24 months



Proficiency in English language; 25 credits in courses (2 obligatory courses); approval in the “Qualification Examination”; public defense of Doctoral Dissertation; acceptance of an article in indexed journal with selective editorial policy. Maximum length: 48 months.



Regular student: annual selective process (in April) with the following steps:

  • Master: evaluation and private interview about curriculum vitae and research project; written exam; English language Proficiency Exam.
  • Doctorate: evaluation and private interview about curriculum vitae and research project; evidence of submission of at least one original article in indexed journal; English language Proficiency Exam.

Special student: each semester selective process (May-June and November-December).

Special ‘student may only attend isolated courses at the Nursing Graduate Program.

If admitted as regular student, he/she may ask for recognition of the obtained credits up to 50% of the total requirements for the completion of the Program.


Data from the Nursing Graduate Program of Nursing School (Fenf – UNICAMP).

Start Graduates (1999–2015) Currently Enrolled students (2015) Faculty (2015) Papers Qualis – CAPES* (2010–2014) Innovation (2009)
Master (1999) 255 27 22 A1 53
A2 90
B1 34
B2 36
B3 18
B4  01
B5 08
NC 07
01 License
07 Brand Registers
Doctorate (2008) 35 76 21
Total 290 103 247 08

*A1 and A2 are the highest quality journals

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