Doctorate (24 to 61 months)

This multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity are both guaranteed and demanded by two particular aspects of the program, and it is in this that the program strives to be innovative.

Firstly, the program is organized around the various major areas. These are represented by research and teaching groups containing teaching staff from different humanities departments who define a work program based on an important broad, general subject. In principle, we believe that it is by analyzing the same problem from different perspectives that true multidisciplinarity can occur. These multidisciplinary teams recruit doctoral students according to their interests. A substantial part of the activities that are carried out by the students takes part within these groups.

Secondly, interdisciplinarity is present in the series of teaching activities known as the Seminars on Theory and Methodology in Social Sciences and the Thesis Seminar.

Major Area: Social Sciences
Lines of Research

  • 1. Culture and politics
  • 2. Gender studies
  • 3. Intellectual itineraries and ethnography of knowledge
  • 4. Social processes, identities and representations of the rural world
  • 5. Work, politics and society
  • 6. Social transformations and public policies in contemporary societies