Master’s (12 to 36 months) and Doctorate (24 to 54 months)

The aim of the graduate program in theory and history of literature is to generate more dynamic literary critique and inquiry through the education of researchers.

A result of this primary objective is that students who successfully complete the course are qualified to teach in higher education institutions and combine teaching abilities with the necessary spirit of inquiry.

Major Area: General and Comparative Literature
Lines of Research

  • 1. Comparative literary analysis
  • 2. Modern foreign literature
  • 3. Other vernacular literatures

Major Area: Literary History and Historiography
Lines of Research

  • 1. Textual critique: critical editing, editions and annotated translations
  • 2. Production, circulation and reception of literary texts

Major Area: Literary Theory and Criticism
Lines of Research

  • 1. Criticism: history and methodology
  • 2. Poetry: genres, styles, literary movements

Major Area: Literature and Other Cultural Productions
Lines of Research

  • 1. Interdisciplinary literary studies

Major Area: Brazilian Literature
Lines of Research

  • 1. Brazilian literature in the colonial period
  • 2. 19th century Brazilian literature
  • 3. 20th century Brazilian literature

Major Area: Portuguese Literature
Lines of Research

  • 1. Medieval Portuguese literature
  • 2. Classical Portuguese literature 3. Modern Portuguese literature