Master’s (12 to 30 months) and Doctorate (24 to 54 months)

Since it was accredited in 1987 (master’s degree) and 1993 (doctoral degree), the graduate program in applied linguistics at the Institute of Language Studies, Unicamp, has invested in research activities, teaching and the training of researchers in the field of applied language studies. It strives to provide an environment, through the different major areas and lines of research, for reflections on research issues and subjects of inquiry from a transdisciplinary perspective. Encompassing a multiplicity of theoretical and methodological trends at the point where different fields of knowledge come together, the program seeks to prepare future researchers to be able to investigate, in a critical and responsible manner, important questions in contemporary Brazilian society, such as multicultural and bilingual education; teaching and learning a mother tongue/foreign language; translation; and digital literacy.

Major Areas: Theory, practice and teaching of translation

Major Areas: Multiculturalism, plurilingualism and bilingual education

Major Areas: Mother tongue

Major Areas: Foreign language

Major Areas: Language and technologies
Lines of Research

  • 1. Language, translation and culture
  • 2. Subjectivity and identity, deconstruction and psychoanalysis
  • 3. Literacy
  • 4. Education in bilingual/bidialectal contexts
  • 5. Language, teaching, technological mediation and digital literacy
  • 6. Discursive practices, interaction and assessment in institutional contexts
  • 7. Teaching/learning Portuguese as a second language and foreign languages
  • 8. Interpretation and authorship in reading and writing