Master’s (12 to 36 months) and Doctorate (24 to 54 months)

Since it was established in 1977, the program has strived to offer students a multidisciplinary view, and this is reflected in the program’s history as well as the results of both current and past research. Teaching staff from the four areas that make up the program (plant ecology, plant physiology, plant morphology and plant taxonomy) work closely together, lending the program unity and offering students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of plants.

Major Area: Plant Biology
Lines of Research

  • 1. Anatomy of the phanerogamae
  • 2. Biodiversity and conservation of plant communities
  • 3. Biology of pollination and reproduction in angiosperms
  • 4. Biosystematics and evolution of plants
  • 5. Ecophysiology of native Brazilian plants
  • 6. Ecology of plant populations
  • 7. Physiology of plant development
  • 8. Physiology of plant metabolism
  • 9. Angiosperm system