Real Estates agencies

There are several real estate agencies around UNICAMP that can assist you in renting a furnished apartment. Please notice:

  • All signatures in the contract must be notarized by the local office “Cartorio”; costs of approximately R$ 30.00.

Estimate living costs

  • Housing R$ 1.000,00/month (apartment rent)
  • Food R$ 500,00 a month
  • Public transportation R$ 5,50 one way ticket for city buses

Casa do Professor Visitante
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Sol Inn – Barão Geraldo
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Leon Park Hotel Campinas
Address: Av. Francisco Glicério, 643 – Centro, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3234-8033
Fax: (19) 3234-6545
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Premium Hotel
Address: Av. Júlio de Mesquita, 139 – Cambuí, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3255-6730
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Hotel Sleep Inn Galleria
Address: Av. Dr. Carlos Grimaldi, 1653 – Jardim Conceição, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3707-2200
Fax: (19) 3207-4077
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Hotel Comfort Suites Campinas
Address: Rua Embiruçu, 300 – Alphaville, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3756-9000
Fax: (19) 3756-9001
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Hotel Opala Avenida
Address: Av. Dr. Campos Sales, 161 – Centro, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3234-4115
Fax: (19) 3231-6983
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Colonial Plaza Hotel
Address: Rua Marechal Deodoro, 803 – Centro, Campinas-SP
Phone: (19) 3232-2522
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Site de Busca de Hotéis em Campinas
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Inns near Unicamp (Barão Geraldo)

Pensionato da Conceição
Phone(19) 3289-5091
(1,5 km away from Unicamp, near Pão de Açúcar supermarket)
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Pousada da Edna
Phone(19) 3288-0473
(2km away from Unicamp, near ao Matiz Hotel )
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Pousada Universitária
Phone(2km away from Unicamp, near bus terminal Barão Geraldo )
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Pousada Nosso Lar
Phone(19) 3289-8620
(2km away from Unicamp, near bus terminal Barão Geraldo)

Pousada Nova Barão
Phone(19) 3386-2644
(2km away from Unicamp, near bus terminal Barão Geraldo and Dalben supermarket)
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Pousada Solar dos Pássaros
Phone(19) 3289-3637
(2km away from Unicamp, near bus terminal Barão Geraldo and Dalben supermarket)
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Pousada Tia Léo
Phone(19) 3288-0579
(2km away from Unicamp, near bus terminal Barão Geraldo)