COCEN - Coordination of Unicamp Interdisciplinary Research Centers


COTIL - Technical High School of Limeira


COTUCA - Technical High School of Campinas


FCA - School of Applied Sciences


FCF - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


FCM - School of Medical Sciences


FE - School of Education


FEA - School of Food Engineering


FEAGRI - School of Agricultural Engineering


FEC - School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning


FEEC - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


FEF - School of Physical Education


FEM - School of Mechanical Engineering


FEnf - School of Nursing


FEQ - School of Chemical Engineering


FOP - School of Dentistry of Piracicaba


FT - School of Technology


IA - Arts Institute


IB - Institute of Biology


IC - Institute of Computing


IE - Institute of Economics


IEL - Institute of Language Studies


IFCH - Institute of Philosophy and the Humanities


IFGW - “Gleb Wataghin” Institute of Physics


IG - Institute of Geosciences


IMECC - Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing


IQ - Institute of Chemistry