Center of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering – CBMEG
Center for Semi-conductor Components – CCS
Center for Biomedical Engineering – CEB
Memory Center at Unicamp – CMU
Agricultural, Meteorological and Climatic Research Center – CEPAGRI
Center for Studies on Public Opinion – CESOP
Center of Petroleum Studies – CEPETRO
Center for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science – CLE
Multidisciplinary Center for Biological Investigation – Cemib
Multidisciplinary Center of Chemical, Biological and Agricultural Research –CPQBA
Center for the Development of Creativity – Nudecri
Population Studies Center – Nepo
Center of Gender Studies – Pagu
Center of Public Policy Studies – Nepp
Environmental Studies and Research Center – Nepam
Center for Food Studies – Nepa
Center of Integration and Cultural Diffusion – Ciddic
Interdisciplinary Center for Studies on Sound Communication – Nics
Center of Information Technology Applied to Education – Nied
Interdisciplinary Center of Theatrical Research – Lume
Interdisciplinary Center of Energy Planning – Nipe

Coordination of Unicamp Interdisciplinary Research Centers - COCEN