The university of campinas is a public university funded by the state of são paulo, brazil. Established in 1966 in the city of campinas, with the goal of becoming an academic center of excellence, producing world-class basic and applied research, providing high-standard undergraduate and graduate education, and serving as a catalyst for economic and social development.

  • Top brazilian university in number of published articles per faculty member.
  • Responsible for ~8% of brazil´s articles in scientific journals.
  • 46% of our graduate courses are top grades ( ranked by CAPES/MEC).
  • Top brazilian university in number of patents.
  • 15th: world´s top 50 universities under 50 years old.
  • 2nd: Latin America´s top 10 universities (QS Ranking)
  • 9th: top BRIC´s universities.

Keys to success

  • Attraction of distinguished young faculty members by providing a suitable teaching environment and freedom of research.
  • Flexible institutional environment, sensitive and responsive to societal demands.
  • Balance between recruiting the best students and promoting social inclusion of students coming from the public school system and ethnic minorities.
  • Early immersion of undergraduate students in research projects (scientific initiation starting in the 2nd/3rd years).
  • Solid relationships between academic activities and innovation/entrepreneurship.