Plan to come at least 2 weeks prior the beginning of classes to let enough time for finding housing and registering with the Federal Police;
Make sure that all personal documents are ready before the departure to Brazil.Foreign students under Temporary Visa IV are not permitted to work during their stay in Brazil;
Absolutely do NOT consider the possibility of changing visa upon arrival in Brazil. This is not permitted by the National Immigration Service;
The foreign student must register with the Federal Police within 30 days arrival in Brazil. In order to request visa extensions, please allow a minimum of 30 days before the expiration date of the original visa;
Upon receiving his/her foreign identity card, the student must verify that all personal information such as name, birth date, nationality, etc. is the same as that appearing on the student’s birth certificate. If there are any errors, they should be corrected immediately in order to avoid future problems with documents at UNICAMP.
The student can apply for a student temporary visa only after he/she has received the letter of Conditional Acceptance from UNICAMP. This visa is a requirement in order to enroll at UNICAMP.
The student should avoid arriving in Campinas on a weekend because no services will be available.
All documents in a foreign language must be certified by the Brazilian consular authorities and officially translated into Portuguese language.