Undergraduate Studies

Responsible for the undergraduate academic policies, PRG also administrates the Brazilian Student Exchange Program (PEC) for undergraduate students.

Graduate Studies

Coordinates the Brazilian Student Exchange Program for Graduate Students (PEC-PG).


DAC is an informative and executive office responsible  for the registration and control of all undergraduate and graduate activities, as well as specialization and continuing education courses.  DAC is responsible for issuing all official records, letters of acceptance, affidavits, certificates, diplomas, besides the legal status orientation.

Universidade Estadual de Campinas – Diretoria Academica
Caixa Postal 1170
13083-970 Campinas SP
Phone: + 55 19 3788 6401/6402/6403
Fax: + 55 19 3289 9676

International Relations

The main responsibilities of VRERI are to promote scientific, cultural, and technological collaboration between UNICAMP and other international institutions and to coordinate the development of the international cooperation agreements.
VRERI maintains up to date information about study abroad opportunities for Brazilian students, and reference publications on international organizations and universities.
In addition, it provides assistance and orientation on immigration procedures for visiting professors/researchers from international institutions and Brazilian faculty, students and staff.

Student Assistance

The Student Assistance Office is responsible for providing information on scholarships, housing and internships, besides psychological, academic and professional guidance.

Phone: 55 19 3289 4135 / 3788 7011, 3788 7016 / 3788 7823.
Fax: + 55 19 3289 4163