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Cooperative Educational Partnership- COTUTELA Programs

It is a partnership signed by an international academic agreement between UNICAMP and a foreign partner university whose main objective is to prepare the master’s or doctoral students to obtain a valid and recognized degree at the two convenient institutions.

The agreement allows the student to carry out his Dissertation or Thesis under the responsibility of two advisors: one from Unicamp and the other from the foreign university, and the Dissertation/Thesis is defended only once at one of the universities.

After the successful defense of the dissertation/thesis, each University will award the student a diploma granting him/her the title stipulated in the agreement. Both diplomas must mention that the title was obtained under a Cooperative Educational Partnership agreement signed between the two Universities.

Students regularly enrolled in a master’s or doctorate course at Unicamp or at a foreign institution can participate in the program. At Unicamp, the Cooperative Educational Partnership is regulated in articles 57 to 60 of the CONSU Resolution A-10/2015.


After the initial negotiations between the student, the Brazilian advisor and the foreign advisor, a draft of the agreement should be drawn up, based on the Cooperative Educational Partnership agreement Model, available on the Graduate Affairs Office’s website and taking into account the specific conditions of the partner university established in the Cooperative Educational Partnership agreement Model made available by the foreign university.

After preparing this draft, it is suggested that, preliminarily, the electronic version of this document (in Portuguese) be sent to Graduate Affairs Office (PRPG in portuguese – to verify that what is being agreed between the universities does not violate the provisions of resolution CONSU A-10/2015 – which provides for the General Regulation of Postgraduate Programs at Unicamp.

Once the agreement of the terms on the presented draft is verified, the internal procedures must be followed according to the Graduate Affairs Office.