Campinas City

Campinas skyline
Campinas skyline
Monument in honor of Campos Sales - Brazil's 4th president. Artist : Iolando Mallozi
Monument in honor of Campos Sales – Brazil’s 4th president. Artist : Iolando Mallozi

Campinas an amazing city to invest, produce and live.

Campinas is located in the heart of São Paulo, the most developed state in Brazil. The city has been living its best moment since years, regarding its economic and social performances. The city has never been so prepared to receive new investment and companies like now.

Here, the entrepreneur will be surprised to see a different concept in logistics: modern roads, cargo airport and railways that connect Campinas to Santos. The latter is the most important port of the continent.

Campinas has also one of the most beautiful bus stations in the country with full accessibility. In the city there is a good environment for doing business, considering the existence of tax incentives offered by the Municipality.

Other aspects make Campinas a special destiny. Considering the 500 biggest global companies, 50% has branches in its metropolitan area. The universities of Campinas are among the best in Brazil, which positively impacts in its skilled workforce. Besides, Campinas surprises people by having a great quality of life. With more than 1 million inhabitants, Campinas has a diversified trade, large green areas and lots of opportunities for leisure, sport and culture. This is just a summary about Campinas. You will know all advantages, benefits and opportunities that make this city the most amazing in Brazil.

Science and Technology

During the 80’s, most of the city’s tech companies focused their vocation in hardware development and IT. From the 90’s on, companies began offering software services and research systems. Although there the computer industry dominates the local market, technology-based companies also have other profiles, offering products, processes and services in energy, biotechnology and food. Campinas has significant Institutions of Science and Technology (IST) and technology-based companies with diversified skills. All of them have a strong interaction with the business community.